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by Laurie H
(Minot, ND)

Question: My husband of 62 suffered a right mca stroke - he has been an active science teacher up until november 20, 2015. We have been fighting with Blue Cross Blue Shield about covering rehab for him. He is making slow progress. has went from unable to sit to sit unsupported, hoyer lift to being able to transfer him by myself. I am just wondering if there are some avenues for rehab that we are not aware of. I have taken him home from a nursing care/rehab facility. He is unable to walk, has some movement in left leg, nothing in arm. Has sensation and feels pain in both arm and leg. I will not have him living in a nursing home, and have taken him home. BCBS has denied coverage in an inpatient acute rehab. He has hopes of returning to teaching this fall. Do you have any advice. We live in Minot ND. with limited access to stroke rehab. Would be interested in some trials if he would qualify also. We feel like we have been given up on and sentenced to a life in a nursing home!!!

Answer: I know you said that inpatient was ruled out by insurance, but have you checked into both home health and outpatient therapy options? I would start by looking into those if you haven't already. Outpatient would be preferable due to access to more equipment, but I know that is not always an option for some people. If insurance resources are limited, you might hire a therapist to come out for a few visits (you can do private pay if insurance won't cover it) and have the therapist set up an exercise program that you can follow with your husband. Then periodically, you can have the therapist come back and upgrade the program as needed (this assumes you have time to work with your husband yourself). This option would allow a therapist to at least design a home program for you and get you started if you can't pay or insurance won't pay for regular therapy visits.

There is also a lot of information online including this website that gives you stroke rehab and exercise information that you can use at home on your own. I would also check with your state and see if there are any programs available. Many states have programs for persons with disabilities that want to return to work including providing therapy and making adaptations so one can return to work. Here's a link to the ND website for this:

Good Luck!

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