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Rehab from hip surgery on stroke side

Question: I had a hemorrhagic stroke Oct 2015 and had labral hip surgery on my stroke side April 2016. The surgeon says the surgery was successful on the particular area, but my hip is not healing. I have pain sitting, standing, moving at a constant 3-4; I still walk, stationery bike and do my exercises, but with pain; daily pain is wearing me down. Do people with a post-stroke surgery not heal properly?

Answer: You mention that your hip is not healing. Has the surgeon indicated to you that the bone is not healing or are you thinking that the hip is not healing because you have pain? Bones can become weaker on the side affected by stroke due to disuse and muscle atrophy, but the bone should still heal. On the other hand, pain after stroke is not uncommon, and some people have a hard time controlling this pain. I would first talk to your surgeon about healing. If healing is not an issue, but pain is the problem then I encourage you to see a pain specialist that deals with post-stroke pain.

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