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Regaining use of paralyzed arm

by susan miller
(aurora il)

Question: What exercises can a person do to help the reconnection from the brain to the effected body part?

Answer: If there is little to no movement, then I would try graded motor imagery which involves left/right discrimination, imagining moving/feeling, and mirror therapy. You can find out more at If movement is present, then I might try constraint induced movement therapy and using the affected arm as much as possible for any movements/activities that could be achieved. You can learn more about CIMT at

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Therapy for Arm, Hand and Finger Paralysis
by: Lori

Hi There,
If you reside in Ontario or BC, there is a new neuro rehabilitation therapy that helps restore functional movement to paralyzed arms, hands and fingers from a stroke or other neurological injury. It has been showing promising results even with chronic cases 10+ years post injury. You can learn more at and Facebook page has videos of this non invasive treatment that promotes the brain's neuroplasticity. Lots of success stories.

Hope that helps.

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