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Progression /Regression

by Sharyn
(Iowa )

Question: My dad fell and had a bleed on his brain which effected the left lobe of his brain. A week later, he had a stroke, which also effected the left lobe of his brain. This was 6 weeks ago. He is now in a nursing home getting therapy. Sometimes I see him, we have good conversations., 2 days later he's all confused and isn't making any sense. Why is this happening??? NOBODY is giving us any answers.

Answer: It would be best to talk to your dad's physician about his condition. Symptoms of stroke can be magnified when a patient is sleepy or fatigued. Certain medications can also make a difference in the level of alertness/cognition, so being aware of when he has had medication and the effects may be something to investigate. In addition, dehydration and drops in blood pressure can cause a change in a level of alertness as well. Sometimes swelling in the brain may be an issue after a head injury. If you (or the nurses) can keep a record of changes in cognition along with time of day/blood pressure/time meds were taken, you might get a clearer picture of what is going on.

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