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possible mental issues

by Jasmina
(Ohrid, Macedonia)

Question: Ten days ago my father had a brain stroke. Three days after the stroke he opened his eyes. Five days after the stroke he began moving his left hand and his left leg. He is not able to walk but he is progressing well. His speaking skills improve day by day. He remembers everything and everyone. However I am afraid that he will have some changes in his personality. For example he wants to get up. He says he wants to go back to work. He talks about sex (he never did that before). He asks for certain kinds of food. He doesn't want do eat the hospital's meals. He gets mad when we need to leave. HE covers his head with a blanket and refuses to talk. He says that we don't love him. He is happy when he see us, but sad when we leave. He often cries. Is it possible that he will have some mental disorder? I appreciate your answer. Thank you.

Answer: When an individual has a stroke, the brain is damaged. This can lead to personality changes and cognitive changes. Only ten days after a stroke though is too early to determine what lasting changes will occur. Many patients are confused or emotionally labile in the early weeks or months after a stroke but with time will improve.

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