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pains in her affected leg and arm

by Shaibu Iliyasu
(Abuja, Nigeria)

Question: My mum had a stroke 4 weeks ago. Initially her right side including her arm and hand were paralyzed. Also her speech was affected but now her speech has improved a little. She can not move her arm and leg now, but there is little more improvement in her leg than her arm. I don't have money to hire a professional physiotherapist, so my sister has been doing the massage on her but now she feels pain in her leg and arm during the massaging exercise. Also, the temperature in her arm is quite high. please, what should I do to improve her condition and ensure she use her leg and arm again? Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

Answer: It is not normal for the temperature in the arm to be warm. I would have the arm examined by a doctor prior to continuing any exercise to make sure there isn't a problem such as a dvt. If everything checks out okay, then you could read some of my suggestions on this website to help with rehab. Some of the pages I would suggest are:

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hyperactive tongue sensations
by: Cheryl

Following a stroke in the thalamus, my right side was affected. One area that is very annoying and can affect my speech at times is the constant sensation of stuff in my mouth that really isn't there. Speech therapy so far has not helped.
Can you suggest something?

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