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Occupational And Physical Therapy

by Sol L. Gorrell
(Hammond, Indiana 46324 USA)

Question:Is it common practice for both Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy to be performed simultaneously? (ie. two therapists working on the same patient at the same time?) Am I not understanding that the requisite is for the patient to have two hours of therapy not two hours of therapist time lumped together?

Answer: In the US, if two therapists are seeing a patient, then the time must be split between the two therapists for the purpose of billing insurance under Medicare B but not Medicare A. You would have to check with other insurance agencies on their requirement for billing. Under Medicare B, if a patient is seen for two hours, then the total time charged between OT and PT should be two hours not two hours for each discipline. Under Medicare A, each therapy can bill for the full time, but co-treatment must be shown to be necessary, and this should not be done for therapist convenience. Co-treatment is most often seen when a patient has more severe impairment.

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