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My husband had a stroke three weeks ago

by Angie
(Augusta, GA)

Question: My husband had a stroke three weeks ago and his left arm has feeling but he is not able to move his arm too well. He said that it is too heavy. What can I do to help him? Thanks Angie Stewart

Answer:You could try active assistive range of motion exercises where you help to assist him moving the arm. You wouldn't completely lift the arm but rather take some of the weight, and then let him try to move the arm in various directions. He can also do self passive range of motion and active assistive exercises where he uses the unaffected arm to help move the weak arm. You can learn more about these exercises by clicking the tabs on my website that are directed toward stroke rehab exercises and passive range of motion. You should also consult with his occupational therapist or physical therapist and have them show you how to help your husband with his exercises. Some rehab centers have devices such as a Swedish sling that will take the weight of the arm allowing the patient to move/exercise the arm if they are able. He can also help support the weight of the arm by resting it on a table and trying to slide a towel on the table in different directions. If he is too weak to move the arm even when the weight of the arm is supported, then talk to his therapist about other options such as electrical stimulation or machines they may have to assist with movement.

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