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Mini Stroke in the elderly.

by julia m harrison
(northwich cheshire UK)

Question: My Mum-in-law had a mini stroke 5 weeks ago, She is recovering slowly and her speech is coming back. She is 87yrs of age. She says she feels tired more but has trouble sleeping. I saw something on social media that when someone of this age has any kind of stroke they will probably have another one with in a short time and it could shorten there lives. How true is this. ? Do some people survive with the right help. She is well in other ways. Eating etc.

Answer: It is true that someone that has a TIA has an increased chance of having a stroke, but there are those that have TIAs that do not go on to have a stroke. I would just have her follow the advice of her doctors (for example if they recommend medication for high blood pressure or for blood clotting issues). I definitely wouldn't worry about the unknown. My grandfather had a stroke at age 80 and then went on to live to 98 without any further known strokes.

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