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Losing Driving Privileges

by Gre

Question:How do I tell a very independent brother that he can't drive anymore or fly his plane anymore due to stroke and cognitive changes in his brain.

Answer: Driving and flying a plane are a matter of public safety. I would just tell him that he at least has to check with the regulating agencies to see if he is okay to drive and/or fly. If he didn't listen then I would report his condition to the appropriate authorities who could evaluate him to see if his license needs to be revoked. I would check with your state's department of motor vehicles and whoever is over licenses for pilots which I assume is the FAA. I know you want to consider your brother's feelings, but this is a matter of human lives which is more important than feelings. There are regulations for driving and flying after a medical event, and if he drives or flies and has any wrecks or incidents, he would be in trouble. He can always take a driving exam again to see if he is safe driving. He also should report to the FAA his change in condition and find out their rules as far as flying.

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