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Left hand is cold my father says after he had a mild light stroke, what can he do?

by LawStudent2017
(North Carolina)

Question: Dad is in his early eighties, never sick, and had a light to mild stroke. He is now doing fairly well, really good the Dr.said, and he spent 4 days in a hospital and then 2 weeks in a rehab at Bryant Aldridge in nice Rocky Mount, NC, and he is again doing exceptional. Howerver, his left hand is freezing cold, and this is almost all day off and on, and he doesn't have a doctor follow up until next Tuesday.


He is taking meds, and again this is the only thing that is bothering him.

Everything else is coming along great for Dad.

Thank you.

Answer Hopefully, the MD will be able to help your father come up with a solution or refer him to a pain clinic. The sensation of cold could be due to impairment in part of the brain that deals with sensation, decreased blood flow to the extremity or Central Pain Syndrome to name a few causes. Some things that might help are a glove (or fingerless glove where fingers are exposed at the tips so he can still use the fingers), moving the arm/hand to increase circulation, massage, or hand warmers (only if sensation is intact because you don't want him to burn himself). He would want to make sure that the rest of his body his warm. If his torso or head is cold, then this will take away from blood flow to the hands as the body attempts to heat larger parts of the body. I would definitely pursue the help of a MD, and if you don't find one that has any answers, I would specifically visit a pain clinic with a pain management physician.

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