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Is the tush push a tool covered by insurance for patients with broken bones?

by Carolyn

Question: My 80 year old mother broke her collar bone, two ribs, and her fibula and tibula. She can't bear any weight on her right side. We can't afford to continue paying private pay and because she has plateaued (until she can bear weight), the insurance would like to send her home. It is important to us that she isn't teatering on the one good limb that she has left. We were told about a tension pole that may help stablize her when she transfers to the toilet but she is weak and the tush push looks helpful as well. Do you have any suggestions and do you think the insurance may help with covering getting the tush push as an assistive device?

Answer: I would contact the manufacturer and see if there are any solutions for getting insurance to cover their device. The name of the company is Phillips Lift Systems, and their contact e-mail is, and their phone number is 1-888-429-5438. The only thing I saw on their website ( about insurance coverage was on a brochure and was for Medicaid patients.

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