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Intracranial hemorrhage

by Somi

Question: My dad suffered from an intracranial hemorrhage 3 years his right back is paining and that pain goes to his feet his full right side is paining. He feels good when we massage his body with sesame oil...I want to ask is it ok to do massage without consulting any doctor or physiotherapist?

Answer: Massage should be fine in terms of his stroke being three years ago, however, if this pain is new, then I suggest you see a doctor to find out what is causing pain as there may be a new problem you don't know about. If you don't know what is causing the pain, then it's hard to say if massage is okay. For example, if he has a blood clot in his leg, then massage would not be okay. If he has chronic nerve pain from the stroke, then massage shouldn't be a problem. You need to know the cause of the pain to make the right decision.

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