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Hemiplegia on right side seeking one to one personal training

by Emma
(Northern Ireland)

Question:I am a Personal Trainer and have had a young woman approach me in gym asking if she could train one on one with me.

She has minimal grip on right side hand and she is at the gym approx 3 times per week with the staff helping her on some resistance machines but when they are not available she has no option but to walk on treadmill or stationery cycle.

I am wondering what is the correct advice for me to give her. Shall I simply suggest occupational/physical therapist?

Obviously I am not qualified in this field however I do not simply want to tell her I cant help her and leave it at that.

She primarily wants to do resistance training but I understand grip is primary.

Please could someone give me some advice as I don't want to let her down.

Thank you in advance.

Answer:: There are devices that can help wrap a hand to a device for grip, however, you would need to make sure that there is enough strength in the wrist and other arm muscles to use the equipment without getting injured. I've often thought that gyms or workout centers for individuals with handicaps are needed. These individuals can only be in therapy for a short period but have to live with their disability their entire life.

Here are some websites with grip assist devices:

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