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Help for my son after two massive strokes age 40

by Suzen Middleton
(Byron Georgia USA)

Question: Where can I find shoes for my son that his right side is paralyzed? Where can I find help for him for his memory loss, reading, writing and loss of use of his right arm and leg? He is disabled on SSI.

Answer: There are some online stores that sell clothing and shoes that are easier to use for those that have a handicap or that have experienced a stroke. You might be able to find a shoe that works at

As far as help with memory/reading and his arm/leg, I would get orders from a doctor for speech, physical, and occupational therapy. They have home health or outpatient therapy centers available. If for some reason, therapy is not covered by insurance or he has exhausted his insurance, I would see what programs his state offers. You are writing from Georgia. Here is a website that explains programs offered in Georgia:

I would pay close attention to the information under Physical Disabilities Services which can be found toward the bottom half of the page.

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