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Hardened Knees

by Katie

Question: My mom had stroke for almost 2 years now but few months ago she suffered from sepsis.She hasn't been on a therapy for a year now. I think that's the reason why her right knee hardened, leaving it always on a 90-degree angle. She's always on bed nowadays and requires assistance in everything from bathing, eating and drinking etc.She can't sit on her own too. My question is, Is it still possible for her to be able to walk again and live normally?

Answer: If she has spent a lot of time in bed with her knee bent, she probably has developed a knee contracture. I would see an MD who may recommend serial casting or a knee contracture brace which will stretch it out over time. If it is really severe, they may even suggest surgery. The problem with some of the braces and casting is pressure spots so the skin has to be watched closely. Make sure she sees someone who is experienced in working with contractures like these.

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