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Getting Worse Not Better After Stroke

by Marice
(Hammond, Indiana)

Question: My aunt exercised every day. She eats right does not drink or smoke. When she had her first stroke, she was able to reach the hospital in time to get the shot. She was then transferred to another hospital. She had a mini stroke there and it affected her speech. Every time she goes to rehab she starts to get better. She goes home and within three months she has another stroke. Then the process starts over again. So far she has had 5 strokes and several mini ones.

Her husband keeps telling us the strokes happen because she has small veins. She can not walk on her own. Her speech has gotten worse. She shakes more. She can't see to well. There was a time after one stroke that she thought someone was trying to harm her. Her one physician has prescribe 11 medications for her. He has also prescribed two differnt multiple vitamins. She has become depressed. All she does is sleep and listen to crime stores on tv. She also keeps her weight under control. How can I help her?

Answer: Some people have multiple strokes, and from my experience, they do tend to decline in function. I don't know if there is anything the physicians can do to figure out why she is having strokes and stopping it, but if her physician is not a neurologist, then I would definitely have her see one since they specialize in working with neurological disorders. I would also have her consult with a cardiovascular specialist if she hasn't already. Sometimes people rely solely on their general physicians when they need to consult a specialist to find out what is wrong. I have seen cases where doctors were unable to stop or determine what was causing multiple strokes, so I do not know if they will have a solution, but that is where I would have her start if she hasn't already.

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