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Foot and Ankle Swelling

by Joanne
(Wanaque, NJ 07465)

Question: My husband had a hemorrhagic left brain stroke nine years ago. He is in good physical health otherwise and gets around using his cane. His right side was affected and has no use of his right arm. His right foot has always been a bit swollen, usually getting worse as the day wears on.

However, for the past month the top of his right foot, his toes and his ankle have been swollen making it difficult for him to raise his foot properly to walk without tripping, especially without his shoes on. I have him keep it elevated and ice it at the end of the day, and I have also tried a compression stocking.

Can anyone explain why this might be happening now, and is there some other medical condition that might explain it? His diet is excellent and his blood pressure seems to be good. He is not overweight. I have suggested a medical checkup, but it falls on deaf ears.

Thanks for any insight into this.

Answer: He definitely needs to go get it checked out so that he can find out what is wrong as well as to get it treated before it causes him to have a fall.

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