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Family Discourages Walking

Question: My mother had a stroke the end of June and since then has had several weeks of physical therapy. She is able to walk with assistance and I had been doing this with her every evening. Walking to bathroom, kitchen, bedroom. However, a sister who lives with her insists a nurse from her insurance company, as well as her in home physical therapist, says that I should not walk her. I am told the PT only walks her a few feet each time on his twice weekly visits. She was in the habit of walking more each evening with me, but now family lifts and wheels her around in wheelchair and gets hostile if I try to walk her, as we had been doing. Why would a PT or nurse suggest that my mother not walk, as she is capable of walking up to 150 feet? I am worried that this will adversely affect her long term recovery. My mother is happy to let them wheel her around and is now taking very few, if any steps. I am not there when the PT comes, so am unsure if she's even walking the few feet twice a week.

Answer: I would schedule to be there one time when the therapist is there, and show them what your mother is capable of doing. Then you can discuss a walking plan with them that is more appropriate and get it in writing to show your other relatives.

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by: Rick P

I would say that walking whenever possible should be the goal to do it whenever possible, my experience with early rehab, was walking for at least 200 ft per day helped to avoid anti coagulant shots (heparin) and with with time and distance walking will get better and create less dependence on a wheelchair.

A qualified in home PT should agree and can put a path forward for her that should encourage supervised walking.

Hope this helps

Rick P

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