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Eyesight worsened 5 weeks AFTER stroke.

by Rita
(Dedham MA)

Question: My husband is six weeks into post stroke and still in rehab facility. The doctors have no clue why all of a sudden his vision had become extremely poor. He had a brainstem stroke affecting his left side body and swallowing. But his eyes were fine! Now 6 weeks into rehabilitation, and he can't even read large print newspaper. 2 weeks ago he could read the fine print off his medication summaries.. What can we do to help his eyes to improve. He has PT OT and SLP daily but no one has suggestions for eyes. One doctor mentioned to patch an eye. But then he will be even more hindered. Any suggestions?

Answer: I would talk to your husband's neurologist and check to make sure he has not had a subsequent stroke. I have had several patients have strokes where the main or only symptom was visual changes, so I would ask for an MRI or CAT Scan to see if there have been any changes. In addition, I would set up an appointment with a neuro-optometrist to see what is going on with your husband's eyes. Make sure it is a neuro optometrist as they deal with conditions of the eye related to stroke and will identify problems that may be missed by a regular optometrist. You can find out more about neuro optometrists at

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