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by Elma

Question: Before my stroke 4 years ago, I was going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. I often wore a fit bit on other days. After my stroke, my walking was so slow my steps didn't register on the fit bit. I want to start a walking regime to build up strength and help with my balance issues. I liked my fit bit as it motivated me to move. Do you know of a device made for stroke survivors that is more sensitive, so as to register lighter movements?

Answer: According to research, Fitbit is 94 percent accurate or greater at walking speeds as slow as 0.4 m/s. It's not a matter of registering lighter movements but speed of movement. A suggestion was to wear it on the ankle to get better results. If wearing it on the ankle does not help, then I would just keep an eye on research and latest technology as there are people out there trying to create technology that is more accurate for persons with disabilities. I personally do not know if there is a product out there that registers steps when walking speed is below .4m/s.

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