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Equipment to be more independent

by Tonya

:Question: My husband had a stroke a month-and-a-half ago. He is still unable to move his left arm. I was wondering if there was any kind of device that would help him be able to put on his deodorant? Also to tie his shoes? I have arthritis in my wrists and hands so it is hard for me Thanks in advance.

Answer: You can purchase elastic shoe laces for shoes. This allows for the shoes to stay tied and the person can slip them on. You can also by shoes that are velcro or are slip on only without laces. Many times people can use the non-affected arm to put deodorant on. He can lean forward to get the affected arm to lift away from the body if that is a problem. Here is a good education sheet from Ohio State University Medical Center that gives some suggestions on doing one handed activities:

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EazyHold Works Really Well
by: Anonymous

There is a product called EazyHold which helps you hold forks and toothbrushes and just about anything after a stroke. You can find it at and see pictures of it on

by: Rhona

I can't use my left arm following my stroke. When I apply deodorant under right arm I use a roll on one, if you buy a tall one you can hold in right hand and reach to roll on. I use Mum or Sure as I found that they are the right size

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