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Electrical muscle stimulation

Question: My husband has no movement in his left arm or hand after suffering a stroke in March of this year. We are thinking of purchasing a muscle stimulator. Would this be beneficial?

Thank you.

Answer: There have been some positive results shown with the use of e-stim in research. If I had a stroke, I would purchase an e-stim unit, but please remember that it needs to be used as directed. Many people buy an e-stim unit and then only use it infrequently or once or twice a day. E-stim is something that is meant to be used several times a day on a daily basis (one should follow the prescription set by their therapist), so you must be able to put in the time to use it. If you are able to use it several times a day over an extended period, then I think it could be beneficial. If you do not have time to use it in this manner, then I would not waste your money. Also, make sure that your husband is a candidate for e-stim and has the approval to use it from his MD and therapist.

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