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Eating Difficulties

by Martyn Wainwright
(Dorset UK)

Question: What food should the stroke victim never eat?

Answer: Some people who have had stroke have other diseases or complications that would prevent them from eating certain types of foods. For example, a diabetic wouldn't want to eat sugary foods or someone with dysphagia or swallowing problems may not be able to eat certain foods or drinks (or may not be able to eat at all) due to aspiration risks. If someone does not have any precautions/diseases that prevent them from eating certain types of food, then the best recommendation is to eat healthy foods that decrease the risk for stroke or cardiovascular disease. Nutrition guidelines have been set up by the American Heart Association and can be viewed at: It may be okay to splurge on an unhealthy food on occasion, but it is best to follow healthy nutritional guidelines to help decrease risk of another stroke.

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