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Drug & Alcohol abuse after Stroke

by Alisa Duca
(Sparks nv)

Question: My friend had a stroke In April of 2013. She did not attend therapy or rehab after stroke. She got back into drinking, smoking and doing Meth. She can walk, drags left leg. but can not use her left arm. My question is..What kind of program should I look into for her?

Answer: I assume you are asking about what type of stroke rehabilitation program would be best. Once someone is out of the hospital and functioning at home, outpatient clinics or a day program would be most appropriate. Outpatient clinics will have PTs and OTs, and usually they schedule 2-3 visits a week (visits usually last 45 minutes to 1 hour). Another option is a day program. These usually last several hours a day, but I am not sure if one of these are available in your area. I did find the website below about a program in northern Nevada that has information about services available. I would contact them and see if they have anything that would be appropriate for your friend or know of programs/clinics. The website is:

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