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DIY Walking

by Cindy Power

Question: As I understand it, it's hemi walker, bad foot, good foot to walk straight. I've got that.if you need to go sideways to the right and the right is your good side, how is it done? What are the steps to the steps?!


Answer: I have to say as an OT, I do not know if there is a specific training with the hemi walker for side stepping. I couldn't find anything on the internet either. I would check with your PT. I know there are sometimes where tight spaces would require you to side step. Most likely you will just have to move the hemi-walker, and if going right, step the right foot to the side and then the left foot. If you tried to step with your left foot first, the right foot would be in the way so that would not work. The main thing is to make sure you can maintain your balance when side stepping this way, and make sure you don't move the hemi-walker too far away from you. If you are simply just wanting to practice side stepping for strengthening and don't need to do it to get through a tight space, then it would be preferable to practice somewhere with something more stable to hold onto such as a counter or in the parallel bars and practice without the hemi-walker.

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