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difference between flaccidity and hypotonia

by fatma
(kuwait )

Good Evening,

Question: My question is if there is a difference between flaccidity and hypotonia or not? In my point of view, there is a difference in which flaccidity is low motor tone involve with no voluntary control while hypotonia is low muscle tone with motor control such as down syndrome they have low tone with voluntary motor control. I asked you because I try to find evidence based practice to prove my words but I did not find any evidence, I need an answer please. Thank you.

Answer: I could not find definitions of flaccidity and hypotonia that deal with voluntary versus involuntary movement in the search that I did. Most definitions I have seen would indicate both as low muscle tone (though I think most would agree that flaccidity is a more severe lack of muscle tone). Professionals and instructors often use the terms hypotonic and flaccid interchangeably when discussing low tone associated with stroke. What might be more relevant to what you are looking for is congenital hypotonia versus acquired hypotonia. Congenital hypotonia would be the type you see with a baby with Down's Syndrome whereas acquired hypotonia would be seen as a result of something such as an infection, injury or illness such as stroke.

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