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Deterioration in speech 10 months post stroke

Question: My husband had a major hemorrhagic stroke 10 months ago. His right side was paralyzed and he lost speech and swallowing ability. He made good recovery in the first 3 months and was able to start swallowing and some speech returned and he started walking with help. Now 10 months later I feel his speech is starting to deteriorate. He could converse with others in broken speech, and others could understand what he was trying to say. Now he has severe difficulty in recalling words and is unable to carry on a conversation. Even I can no longer understand what he is trying to say. Can you please offer some advice about what I should do to help him? Thank you.

Answer: I would recommend evaluation by a MD to see if there have been changes in the brain or a subsequent stroke. If not, I would recommend returning to speech therapy.

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