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botox and massage therapy after a stroke

by monica

I'm a massage therapist and I have a client who had a stroke 2 years ago. She is paralysed on her right side from the arm down. Her wrist is really flexed and her fingers curled and the doctor has suggested Botox. Can I give her a massage after she received the Botox? How long should I wait?

Would it help? If we also combine electrical stimulation (by a physio) - would it be a good combination?

Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Answer: The client would need to ask the doctor how long she needs to wait before receiving a massage after receiving botox, and I would not give her a massage without a doctor's release or written consent. With cosmetic botox, they do not allow any massage during the first 24 hours, but botox for spasticity can be more complex so you need to go by the doctor's specifications. E-stim is often used after botox, but again, I would find out from the physician how soon e-stim can be used and if the patient is an appropriate candidate for e-stim.

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post Botox treatment
by: Rick PAnonymous

My activity after Botox has been heat, streching, PT for arm work. I find my EMPI (electro stimulator) quite helpful in working muscles with tone.
In the case of Botox guidance from your Doctor should always be followed
hope this helps
Rick P.

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