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Baby sling

by Leslie
(Ellenton, florida)

Question: I had a stroke in 2014- My arm has not really returned. My daughter is adopting two infants and I want to be able to hold them. What sling or baby holder would be best. The stroke affected my balance so I will not walk around with it on. Not yet. Perhaps I could practice with a 10 pound bag of potatoes in the sling. do you have any suggestions.

Answer: I'm not sure which type of sling would be best. I would Google baby sling or adaptive baby sling and click on the Images section of Google to see what you think may work best. Be aware that certain types of slings are more dangerous especially for small babies so you might want to research baby safety and slings to find out which slings are not recommended. Another way to find resources is to search one handed parenting or parenting with disabilities which will lead you to some sites that may have information that will help. These sites often have forums as well so you could post your question there and probably get answers from disabled parents that have faced a similar problem.

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