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Apathy - How To Treat?

by Jim
(Jacksonville, FL USA)

Question: My wife had her 2nd left side stroke 2 1/2 years ago. She has lost about 50 lbs and has almost no interest in eating. She is content to sit and watch TV her waking hours. She doesn't get out of bed till afternoon where she lays and watches TV and then gets up and sits in the living room watching TV. She has no interest in walking, which we used to do or any type of exercise. She used to take good care of her looks but now could care less (used to go to beauty salon regularly but now doesn't want to go) I would like to know what type doctor would deal with this? I need to "make" her go so I want to make sure I get the right kind of doctor the first time. Thank you.

Answer: I would have her see a neuropsychiatrist. A neuropsychiatrist deals with emotional and cognitive issues in those who have had neurological injury such as stroke.

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