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Any devices to recommend for communication

by Mike
(Houston, tx)

Question:My father-in-law had a major stroke 19 years ago. He has basically lost speech. He is an amazingly intelligent person, reads still nonstop but cannot communicate but a vocabulary of 15 -20 words.

He stopped therapy about 15 years ago. Just wondering if there are any tools as far as apps that are available now for him? He is still an avid reader but cannot get the words or spelling out. I am looking for a way for him to get out what ge is trying to say. Any help would be appreciated

Answer: There are many aphasia apps now on the market. Here is a webpage that lists various aphasia apps and how they work: Read through the descriptions, and you should be able to find one that will assist your father-in-law. Many apps allow for a free trial as well.

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