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15 Months later?

by Susan Saxton
(Illinois )

Question: My sister now 58 had a stroke 15 months ago she could not move her left side of her body. She was in therapy for only 3 weeks because that is all Medicare/Medicaid would pay for. She has been in a nursing home since. 2 Weeks ago she starting moving her left foot slightly. This past Saturday the nursing home dropped her and she broke her Femur bone on her left side. The Nursing Home did Xrays 3 hours later and called her doctor and the doctor said get her to the hospital the Doctor gave these instructions at 2am, she did not make it to the ER until 6am. We asked the Nursing home what happened. They blamed it on my sister not holding on to the nurses neck and they said they felt her slipping and "laid" her on the floor. Needless to say we are filing a lawsuit. But now after the surgery last night, she was moving her foot a lot. You say move your foot Sissy and she was able to bounce it around. If we get a settlement I would like to put her in a rehab facility for as long as possible. Am I being too hopeful? Do you think there is a possibility of her getting any mobility back on her left side? (BTW the doctors did not expect her to live this long after the stroke) so she is a fighter.

Answer: Three weeks is a very short time to have therapy, so your sister may have achieved better recovery if she had been given more time. I don't know what your sister's experience was in the nursing home. If she was left in bed a lot or had very little stimulation, then she may be able to make some very good gains if now given the opportunity to do more. This doesn't necessarily mean she will regain movement, but if no one was working on moving with her then you don't really know her capabilities. Also, now that she has fallen, she has a new diagnoses which will allow her to have more therapy which I would definitely get her involved in. Once she gets back into therapy, you'll be able to determine how much she is moving and what she can do.

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